Coffee Gallery

#50 – 304 Stonebridge Boulevard Saskatoon, SK
Monday – Saturday: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Free delivery on orders of $25 or more


Holiday Baking Boxes

Boxes include an assortment of homemade items including
Nanaimo bars
Peanut butter confetti cake
Rum balls
Sugar cookies
Butter tarts & more!


KETO & Gluten Friendly Boxes

Homemade keto items include:
Lemon squares
Coconut shortbread
Chocolate chip cookie dough bars
Nanaimo bars

Send Gift Cards to your loved ones. Redeemable with online orders!

About Us

Our Stonebridge location opened on September 15, 2018. It is our first Saskatoon location and our largest, to date. All of our cooking and baking for our other locations & catering orders are done here. There is seating for up to 40 with wheelchair-accessible unisex washrooms, family-friendly, free wifi & USB charging stations, comfy seating. This location is often described by our customers as “cozy”.We host concerts, yoga classes, meetings and art/craft workshops in our Stonebridge cafe. Check out our Socials for upcoming events.

Our Story

Our first shop opened in June 2017 in Delisle, SK. The community support was warm and welcoming and we soon made plans to build a new, larger location in the small town. Ten months after opening in Delisle, another opportunity arose and literally took us in a different direction. An existing coffee truck from Saskatoon was looking for a new owner. We rebranded it with our gallery logo and for the summer of 2018, we focused only on our travelling café, closing our Delisle location. As the summer of 2018 progressed, we were overwhelmed with the positive responses we received in my home city of Saskatoon. We opened our Stonebridge café on September 15, 2018. Six days after opening, an opportunity for a second location arose and we opened a second location downtown adjacent to Paramount & Salon. That location was sold to Square Cup (Maduro Coffee Co. from the Farmer’s Market) in late 2019…and Maduro became our new coffee bean supplier! We continue to operate at our Stonebridge location and operate Saskatchewan’s only coffee truck from May to October in and around the city we love – Saskatoon.



(306) 954-2018


304 Stonebridge Blvd #50, Saskatoon, SK S7T 0G3
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